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Plexus is a private mergers and acquisitions firm that has completed nearly $300 million of M&A transactions. Additionally, the principal of Plexus has closed more than $7 billion of transactions during his 25 year career as a corporate, SEC and M&A attorney.

We help both the companies that are seeking M&A services as well as the M&A service providers. We work for you and with you, whether you are a company owner, CEO, CFO, General Manager of a corporate subsidiary, business broker, bank, accounting firm, law firm or management consultant.

Plexus Associates’ services can be broken into two categories: first, a direct provider of M&A services, and, second, a one stop resource center.

Direct Provider of M&A Intermediary Services

As a direct provider of M&A services we are able to utilize our experience, contacts and affiliations to prepare and deliver a powerful package of assistance, contacts, networking and advice to business owners. 

This is what we do:

  1. Understand the owner’s objectives and any special concerns they may have regarding their:
    1. Families
    2. Employees
    3. Key employees
    4. The company and
    5. The M&A process in general.
  2. Ensure that the owner(s) understand the M&A process and their available options, including a relationship with an Investment Group, an IPO and an ESOP.
  3. Assess the company, its objectives and characteristics to determine the likelihood of success in light of the owner’s objectives. Vital elements include company history and financial information, growth opportunities, industry, and management.
  4. Develop a marketing strategy tailored to the owner’s objectives and designed to maximize the company’s value.
  5. Prepare a confidential Descriptive Memorandum and related documents suitable for distribution to prospective buyers.
  6. Working with our extensive database and our relationships we pre-qualify and screen the potential buyers.
  7. Actively manage all contact with prospective buyers.
  8. To the extent possible we schedule all buyer meetings within a 14-day period.
  9. If necessary, we will assist you in locating and retaining experienced M&A attorneys to provide legal representation for you.
  10. If appropriate, we will establish and coordinate a mini-auction process. We will negotiate on your behalf among all potential buyers to ensure receiving the best offer from the most suitable buyer.
  11. In coordination with your attorneys and tax advisors we will assist in finalizing the Letter of Intent from the winning buyer, structuring the optimal deal scenarios, coordinate due diligence and negotiate and agree the Purchase Agreement.

Approximate time frame.

Although the time frame to complete a transaction will vary depending upon a number of factors, the following would normally be a reasonable schedule.



Weeks 1-3

We prepare Descriptive Memorandum and related materials

Week 4

Owner approves the materials

Week 5

We start contacting buyers

Week 11

We should know the interest of buyers

Weeks 13 & 14

Buyer meetings

Week 15

Proposed Letters of Intent from buyers received

Week 16

Letter of Intent with winning buyer agreed

Week 24


One Source M&A Contact

Additionally Plexus can provide assistance in every facet of the sale process or capital-raising activities by providing business owners with a powerful network of service providers to the M&A industry, including attorneys, business brokers, specialized intermediaries, private investment firms, consultants, IPO providers and ESOP providers.

Plexus is quite literally a one-stop resource for companies, their CEOs and CFOs, as well as service providers.

One Source Contact
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