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Plexus Associates partners with local and community banks to help their clients achieve their strategic or capital goals. It’s like adding an entire wing to your Bank. If your client is the owner or CEO of a mid-market company and is pursuing the sale of all or part of his company or is in need of capital raising, there are a number of possible solutions Plexus can offer your client:

  1. Selling the company outright. We can work behind the scenes helping your clients realize their highest valuations.
  2. Private Investment Firms. Does a partner wish to exit the company? Management wishes to buy out? Does the owner want a significant liquidity event with an opportunity for a second bite at the apple? Need substantial growth capital?
  3. Going Public (an IPO). Can an IPO make sense for smaller companies and if so can it be achieved on an economic basis? Can the risks of not immediately being on an exchange be mitigated
  4. ESOP. Is your client the right candidate for an Employee Stock Ownership Plan? How can the company and its owners benefit by forming and funding an ESOP?
  5. Management Buy Outs. How can an MBO be accomplished when management are not in a financial position to buy an equity interest?
  6. Turnarounds. What can you do if your client is struggling financially?
  7. Divestitures. Larger companies that have a mid-market subsidiary.
  8. Environmentally impaired assets. How can your client mitigate or eliminate the environmental liabilities associated with past or prior operations? Call us for additional information.

From initial fact gathering and questionnaires to putting the entire package together, from the executive summary to a complete Descriptive Memorandum, taking the company to market or finding the right Private Investment Firm or IPO provider for your client, we can work side by side with you, fulfilling any area that you may need additional assistance. If desired this can all be done under your bank’s name.

We will help your client achieve their objectives. We will work directly with you and your client, or behind the scenes, as you desire. We honor the need for confidentiality and recognize that you may have a long standing relationship with your client.

We are flexible with respect to fee arrangements, including the use of success fee compensation only. If appropriate we can obtain our fees from the buyer and, if you desire, provide a fee sharing or referral fee to you. This could be a strong profit center for you while costing your clients nothing.

Our purpose is to help you keep control and more effectively serve your client. Informational links at the top and bottom of this page show:

  • the many options revisited for those who might have become unfamiliar with them over time, those who need a quick brush up, or for those who never knew what they were in the first place; as well as
  • information about law firms, financing sources, and management consultants. It is imperative that you have the right support resources.

Our One Source M&A Contact Plan is intended to enable you to most effectively help your client achieve his objectives.