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We have the tools that will enable you to:

  • Put your clients in front of virtually every private equity group active in the USA;
  • Identify those groups that are already invested in your clients’ industries and complementary industries; and
  • Complement your search for strategic buyers.

We are making our Plexus Databases available, and we also perform individualized strategic buyer searches.

Plexus Databases

Our Databases are Excel formatted and will reside on your computer for permanent access.  They are emailed directly to you and are not web-based.  They are available at very low price points.


Private Equity Database

Our Private Equity Database consists of 900 active private equity groups and investors.  These are active buyers with the resources and experience to close deals on a timely basis.   They control the acquisition activities and decisions of 13,000 privately-held operating companies.  Our DB includes equity groups that are either already invested in your clients’ industries or are specifically targeting them.  Since most equity groups are searching for smaller add-on acquisitions for companies they already own, our DB will almost certainly expand your universe of buyers, even for clients you think may be too small for an equity group.

The DB contains the following Private Equity information. 

  • Website address
  • 90% have email addresses
  • Minimum investment parameters
  • 73% with named contacts
  • Office location or number of offices
  • 43% have two email addresses
  • Number of current investments
  • Geographic preferences
  • Number of professionals on staff
  • Whether they invest in turnarounds

NAICS Database of 13,000 Companies owned by Private Equity Investors

Our NAICS Portfolio Company Database will enable you, in a matter of minutes, to sort and identify the equity groups that are already in your client’s industry.  We have laboriously created and maintain our portfolio company database so that you can match your client’s NAICS classification and industry with the 4-digit NAICS classifications, industry segments and products of the operating companies held by equity groups.

The NAICS code ( has replaced the SIC classification system.

Our NAICS Portfolio Company Database contains all the information contained in our Database of Private Equity Investors, plus the following information about their 13,000 portfolio companies:

  • Names
  • NAICS codes (4 digits)
  • Description of the business being conducted by the portfolio companies
  • Industry segments


Additional Information

Both databases are extremely easy to use and we will help you get started, if requested.  We update on a quarterly basis to keep the information current.


Strategic Buyer Research

We also specifically research and contact strategic buyers on an individualized and highly selective basis.

Our process ensures that your client will not be presented to a buyer with whom you are already dealing.  You remain in absolute control since we do not participate in the transaction, and we do not contact the buyer once we have pre-qualified it.  Plexus will never contact the seller (we don’t even need or want to know its name).  We do not email blast, and we do not post on the Internet. 

You would pay us an amount equal to a small percentage of your commission in the event you successfully close the transaction with one of our buyers.  We do not collect a fee from the buyer.


Please contact us if you would like additional information, including pricing and actual excerpts from our databases.

Contact Information

Ken Fredrickson 

Telephone:  303 292 2225

Facsimile:  866 320 7396