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The CFO’s Quandry

The Chief Financial Officer is often alone and lacks the professional help he needs to complete a capital restructuring or exit event. He may need comprehensive help or simply someone to do some of the “legwork.” Plexus can provide as much or as little help a CFO may desire. With this many resources available, for the first time many of these processes can be kept in-house. Filtering the process through the CFO increases the likelihood that the company understands all of its options.

Mid-market Alternatives

As the CFO of a mid-market company pursuing the sale of all or a part of the company or capital raising you need to consider a number of possible solutions.

  1. Selling the company outright. If so, to whom? A competitor? A company in a related industry or different geographical area?
  2. Private Investment Firms. What are the advantages they bring and what are the disadvantages? How do you find the equity group that’s best for you?
  3. Going Public (an IPO). Can an IPO make sense for smaller companies and if so can it be achieved on an economic basis? Can the risks of not immediately being on an exchange be mitigated?
  4. ESOP. Should you reward faithful employees with an Employee Stock Ownership Plan? Are you the right candidate for an ESOP and how can you and the company benefit by forming and funding an ESOP?
  5. Management Buy Outs. How can an MBO be accomplished when your managers are not in a financial position to buy your equity interest?
  6. Turnarounds. What can you do if your company is struggling financially?
  7. Divestitures. Should you divest one of your operations? What can you expect from such a divestiture?
  8. Environmentally impaired assets. How can you mitigate or eliminate the environmental liabilities associated with past or prior operations? Call us for additional information.

The Solution

Our purpose is to help you keep control and manage your exit or capital raising in the most effective and least disruptive manner. At the top and bottom of this page are links that show:

  • the many options revisited for those who might have become unfamiliar with them over time, those who need a quick brush up, or for those who never knew what they were in the first place; as well as
  • information about law firms, financing sources, and management consultants. It is imperative that you have the right support resources.

Our One Source M&A Contact Plan is intended to enable you to simultaneously contact a variety of sources and get multiple bids and proposals at once for your review.

Using the Plexus One Source M&A Contact Plan allows you to screen potential investors and buyers to insure they are a good corporate fit. Divest orphan subsidiaries quickly and efficiently for top dollar and help maintain confidentiality. It’s as though you’re in command of your own investment banking firm, bringing these capabilities to your company.