One Source Contact


Who we are.

Plexus Associates is a nationwide private mergers and acquisitions firm based in Denver that provides direct M&A intermediary services. Plexus also provides assistance in every facet of the sale process or capital-raising activities by providing business owners with a powerful network of service providers to the M&A industry, including attorneys, business brokers, specialized intermediaries, private investment firms, consultants, financing sources, IPO providers and ESOP providers. Click here for more detail

Plexus is quite literally a one-stop resource for companies, their CEOs and CFOs, Banks, Accounting Firms as well as service providers.

What makes Plexus Different?

Our client base and business partners.

We help both the companies that are seeking M&A services as well as the M&A service providers. We work for you and with you, whether you are a:

Special situations

We work with special situations to provide companies one stop resources. In particular we work with:

An uncommon occurrence

The sale of a company, partnering with a Private Investment Firm, the creation of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and an initial public offering (IPO) are uncommon, if not one time events, in the life of a company and its owners. These are very major events and require diligent consideration of all alternatives. We provide the one stop resources to enable the company to make this analysis and implement its decisions.

We work with:

to provide first rate services to the selling company and its owners.

Plexus Advantages

  • 30 years of contacts and experience
  • Confidentiality
  • One contact point for all alternatives
  • Explore multiple strategies simultaneously

Your One Source M & A Contact

Plexus has developed a proprietary method of helping you reach your goals in anonymity. Tell us about your company, your vision, your opportunities and what you wish to achieve and we will get to work. Plexus will bring you a myriad of options and show how each fits into your overall philosophy. This will give you the opportunity to review them and only contact the ones that you want. You may even give us a list of criteria to be answered by prospective firms before they even know who you are. Be sure to visit The Selling Process and About Us. We allow you to more efficiently manage your time by interviewing only those providers, buyers and investors that interest you. We look forward to hearing from you.